A Javascript Framework for Cheminformatics and Bioinformatics


JSDraw™ - Chemical/Biological Editor/Viewer JSDraw.Table - Table/Grid/Spreadsheet
  • - Display & draw chemical/biological structures
  • - Molecules, reactions, Markush structures, biological sequences & polymers
  • - Molfile, Rxnfile, Rgfile, SMILES, SMARTS
    - Open/Save ChemDraw, Marvin, ISIS/Draw files
    using JSDraw Web Services
  • - Paste to Word, ChemDraw, ISIS/Draw, SciFinder, etc.
  • - Plug-in to third-party
  • - Chemistry spreadsheet
  • - Filtering, highlighting and sorting
  • - Substructure & full structure search
  • - SDF & Xml files
    - Open/Save CSV, Excel using JSDraw Server Services

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What people say about JSDraw™?

  1. "I already stumbled over JSDraw – very nice! I count it as first real javascript molecule editor because it is the first one to implement all features that I regard as important for a (basic) molecule editor. Really very nice job."
    -- Markus (http://cactus.nci.nih.gov/blog/?p=249)
  2. "JSDraw,又一个非常优秀的基于javascript的化学结构编辑器 ..."
    TRANSLATION: "Chemene JSDraw is an excellent javascript-based chemical structure editor ..."
    -- Charlie (http://blog.charliezhu.com/)
  3. "@Sepp: Thanks for that. It's certainly an interesting development - a fully featured 2D molecular editor in Javascript."
    -- Noel (http://baoilleach.blogspot.com/...)
  4. "JSDraw -  Free javascript-based structure/reaction editor that's cross-browser, cross-platform, and even iPhone-supported. Allows for substructure searching. Import .mol files, and export structures in .mol, .smi and even HTML."
    -- (http://ucsd.libguides.com/content.php?pid=43353&sid=502617)
  5. "those javascript tools look very interesting. I had a quick look and they seem to work very nicely in a browser environment."
    -- (Tim, Informatics Matters)
  6. "More interesting might be, how the substructure matching itself is done with 100% JavaScript. Thanks to JSDraw a pure JavaScript structure editor, which on closer inspection has some more interesting tricks up it's sleeve, notably a substructure matching capability, this is doable now."
    -- (http://theplateisbad.blogspot.com/2010/02/this-article-about-idea-of.html)
  7. "I use JME for this task, essentially to send/receve molecular objects (mol file or smiles) to/from a database. At my first first impression JSDraw appear very fast, light and appealing, so the possibility to use JSDraw in a web-db project should be interesting."
    -- (Ottaviano, www.openshell.it)
  8. "JSDraw,目前遇到使用js编写的最好的结构式编辑器。"
    TRANSLATION: So far JSDraw is the best structure editor built on js.
    -- Rui Zhou (www.chemtoolkits.com)
  9. "This is really  a nice editor! We've been using JME, but we are working on an application for high school teachers/students where we wanted to stay away from Java. JSDraw was really a nice find."
    -- Otis Rothenberger (http://chemagic.com)