TouchMol for Office

Scilligence is very pleased to announce the release of TouchMol for Office.   We have transformed our server-side, HTML5 app, JSDraw, into a powerful desktop tool that integrates molecular sketching into the MS Office suite.  TouchMol for Office is delivered to you as a set of add-ins to the Microsoft Office application programs.  Enabling the input and editing of molecular structures within Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

Available in both Standard and Professional editions, TouchMol for Office is suitable for all environments, from everyday student laboratory needs, to the rigor of corporate global deployments.

The convenience of web use is now available offline, and on your laptop and desktop computers.

TouchMol for Office consists of Add-ins for MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

Each add-in can perform the following chemical structure task directly in the Office environment:

Insert/Edit Structure - Insert a new or edit a selected structure

Text to Structure - Convert text string, such as chemical name, CAS No, IUPAC name, trade name, InChI, SMILES, or corporation compound ID to a chemical structure

Insert File - Opens a file and insert structure from a variety of chemical file formats

Copy Structure - Copies a selected structure for pasting into ChemDraw, ISIS/Draw, SciFinder or other applications

Cut Structure - Deletes & copies a selected structure from TouchMol Add-in

Paste Structure - Pastes a structure from ChemDraw or Isis/Draw to a selected location in Word

Calculate Properties - Calculates molecular properties of a selected structure. Extensible to include custom properties from a public or private (* Pro only) web service.  Click here for configuration guidance.

Download your 15-Day Free Trial today!

Download links:

-         TouchMol for Office 2010 and 2013

-         TouchMol for Office 2007

Input or edit chemical/biological structures on Windows devices.  TouchMol recognizes a variety of chemical file formats including ChemDraw, ISIS/Draw, Mol, etc.


Gesturing has been added to support touch devices.  Mobile platforms and TouchScreens are fully supported with TouchMol.  TouchMol App for Windows 8 tablets has been released in the Windows 8 Store.  Download it for a trial! Some typical touch gestures are shown below.