5.3.2 Release Notes

Scilligence Focus (New Product)

Scilligence Focus is a web-based application for viewing and filtering large sets of chemistry and biology data. This visualization tool and SAR analyzer allow easy R-Group decomposition, live filtering, and a variety of data charting types.

  • This is the first release of this new application
  • Synchronize chemistry and biology data from RegMol to Focus for data visualization
  • Variety of charting types: bar chart, scatterplot, line chart etc.
  • Live filtering
  • R-Group decomposition on the fly
  • SAR analyzer


Scilligence ELN

Scilligence ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook) is a powerful platform for facilitating internal R&D and managing external collaborations. It comes with advanced informatics for biologics and small molecules, thus also supports conjugates such as antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). Our ELN supports all disciplines of research including medicinal chemistry, process chemistry, bioassays, HTS, in vivo pharmacology, and toxicology. Widely adopted by industry and academic institutions, Scilligence ELN is easy to use, integrate, and deploy across all platforms.

Scilligence ELN 5.3.2 includes the following changes and improvements:

  • Improved PDF/Word rendering
  • New Quick Tag feature to improve collaboration
  • Improved and unified Recipe/Template Manager
  • A general Dictionary to manage terms
  • New Stats and Charts for Project/Notebook
  • Be able to disable fixed width for some fields
  • A few bug fixes


Scilligence RegMol

Scilligence RegMol is a web-based registration database and assay data repository for biologics, small molecules, and conjugates. Some of RegMol’s many offerings include a powerful structure and bio-sequence search, batch registration, assay protocol management, and data mining analytics. RegMol’s comprehensive and easy-to-deploy platform empowers centralized data management and collaborations for life science research and development.

RegMol 5.3.2 includes the following improvements and changes:

  • Improve HELM monomer management
  • Improved Project Portal
  • Improved Assay View
  • Improved batch registration
  • Be able to export Excel spreadsheets with live structures
  • A few bug fixes


Scilligence Inventory

Scilligence Inventory for material management and safety compliance is unlike any other. Inventory’s powerful biosequence/structure search, tracking, and location/shipment management allows you to manage your workflows efficiently. Inventory is cross-platform, customizable, and easy to integrate with Electronic Lab Notebook and registration systems. Sample types from small molecules to reagents, peptides, oligonucleotides, proteins, genes, and tissues are just a few of the many you can track and manage.

Scilligence Inventory 5.3.2 includes the following changes and improvements:

  • New feature to set storage restriction for Locations
  • Improved Compound Management workflow
  • Improved biologics support with HELM
  • A few bug fixes


Scilligence PMF

Scilligence PMF (Project Management Framework) empowers organizations to manage workflow and project timeline effectively. It is an easy to deploy collaboration platform with crucial security control, cogent document sharing, and powerful data mining technology (structure and biosequence search). PMF will help manage your timeline efficiently and integrate workflow seamlessly (ELN, Registration, Inventory, ERP, Outlook).

PMF 5.3.2 includes the following changes and improvements:

  • Improved Collaborative Document Editing
  • Improved Gantt chart
  • New prompt dialog display confirming the action of overwriting a file
  • Improved Collaborative Editing Document (CED)
  • New Document Template workflow
  • Be able to copy CED
  • Be able to import Word into CED
  • Be able to categorize Requests
  • Improved Issue/Log search
  • Be able to directly send in-person emails from PMF
  • Be able to assign multiple workflow approvers/operators dynamically
  • A few bug fixes


Scilligence SDMS

Scilligence SDMS (Scientific Data Management System) is a web-based repository to manage scientific files from instruments, devices, and other data sources in a centralized and regulated manner. SDMS provides powerful data mining capabilities including search by chemical structures, reactions, biosequences, and keywords. It can be integrated with a variety of instruments/equipment to retrieve output data files and extract metadata automatically. SDMS has rich APIs for integrating with other database applications with strict version control and detailed audit history.

SDMS 5.3.2 includes the following changes and improvements:

  • Be able to XCopy legacy data
  • New metadata extractor API
  • A few bug fixes


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