Scilligence ELN: Collaboration Made Easy (Webinar)
Wednesday, October 25
2:00-2:45pm (ET)


This webinar will introduce you to Scilligence’s workflow-driven Electronic Laboratory Notebook. Scilligence works to provide an efficient solution for keeping intricate records of your everyday research experiments in form of its innovative ELN. The unique and integrated features of Scilligence ELN will assist you in effectively storing, mining, and sharing data internally and externally.

 What You’ll Learn:

  • How to utilize the knowledge-management features and streamline data
  • How to securely collaborate both internally and externally
  • How to eliminate the use of email and other applications when sharing information
  • Integration of customized workflows

About the Speaker:

Rajeev Hotchandani hails from Delhi, India where he did most of his education. He holds a Masters from the prestigious institution, IIT Kanpur. In 1998, he moved to the green pastures of Indiana University, where he did research on sulfatase inhibitors. In 2001, Rajeev started working for Wyeth and then Pfizer as a medicinal chemist. Over the span of 10 years, Rajeev worked on different phosphatase, kinase and proteinase inhibitor programs in various disease areas. His passion for science and medicine helped him evolve as a scientist as a whole. His scientific knowledge has vastly helped him transition from bench to business. In the last few years, he ventured out to explore the business side and is currently working for Scilligence as the Director of Informatics and Business Solutions. On the non-scientific side, Rajeev finds time to satiate his other passion of dance. He is an avid instructor, choreographer, performer, competitor and a DJ in both swing and latin dance worlds.

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