RegMol is a molecule registration and assay database system, enabling scientists to register and track small-molecules, biologics and biological conjugates, storing and retrieving biological assay data.
RegMol 5.0.0 includes following improvements and changes:
1. New Data Visualization page based on AssayView
2. Supports HELM Notation
3. New Filtering function in AssayView
4. Molecules in AssayView can be edited and saved during display mode
5. Admin can batch update registered molecule data
6. Able to list all users in the system when adding users to a project
7. Batch Importer can support customized data fields
8. Able to add Molecules in a Molecule List to Cart
9. Able to only list molecules from a Molecule list when displaying Protocol results
10. Able to assign Bar Code to container
11. Able to add attachments during batch registration
12. Able to customize Project Managers’ privilege on projects
13. Some bug fixes

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