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Scilligence 6.8 Release Notes

ELN 6.8.0 Release Notes User FunctionalitiesError ReportingELN FormsDose Response CurveSecurityDisplayGeneral Fixes Inventory 6.8.0  Release Notes Compound Management ImprovementsCart ImprovementsContainers ImprovementsCustomization...

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Scilligence 6.7 Release Notes

ELN v6.7.0 Release Notes Hybrid Free Form – only actual data can be pushed to RegMol.Improved Registration and Inventory integrationImproved...

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Scilligence 6.6 Release Notes

ELN 6.61. Shared Notebooks- Users can share notebooks like co-authored experiments- Owner can rename a shared notebook 2. Improved Formulation...

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Scilligence 6.5 Release Notes

ELN 6.5 Shared notebook feature allows project members to create experiments and collaborate in a single notebook. RegMol 6.5 Improved API Key management allows customers to use RESTful APIs more easily and securely.Batch...

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New Office in San Francisco

Scilligence is pleased to announce the grand opening of its San Francisco office on February 17th, 2020! Our new location...

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ELN, ELN, Releases

ELN 6.1.0 Release

Scilligence ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook) is a powerful platform for facilitating internal R&D and managing external collaborations. It comes with...

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regmol, RegMol, Releases

RegMol 6.1.0 Release

Scilligence RegMol is a web-based registration database and assay data repository for biologics, small molecules, and conjugates. Some of RegMol’s...

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Inventory, Releases

Inventory 6.1.0 Release

Scilligence Inventory for material management and safety compliance is unlike any other. Inventory’s powerful biosequence/structure search, tracking, and location/shipment management...

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PMF, PMF, Releases

PMF 6.1.0 Release

Scilligence PMF (Project Management Framework) empowers organizations to manage workflow and project timeline effectively. It is an easy to deploy...

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Releases, sdms, SDMS

SDMS 6.1.0 Release

Scilligence SDMS (Scientific Data Management System) is a web-based repository to manage scientific files from instruments, devices, and other data...

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